#HarshTruths: You’re Never Going To Find Someone Who Will Love You

You’re Never Going To Find Someone Who Will Love You

Those were the words that shattered my heart and my whole world to pieces.

Shattered to the point that it was impossible to put it back together especially when it came from the person who once told you they loved you and they wanted to spend the rest of their life with you.

As much as I didn’t want to accept it, I was too hurt to even process it. Well, you know that feeling when the person you love abandons you – you feel ugly, undesirable.. UNLOVABLE.

I replayed his words in my head over and over until I had no choice but to believe it.

“Maybe he’s right? Nobody’s going to love me because I’m ugly. He stopped loving me.”


BAM! Just like that I lost my self respect, my self love and along with that was the hope that I’ll find love nor will I feel loved ever again.

I tried to date here and there, just to escape the boredom and put a temporary patch on this blackhole that’s sucking the life out of me yet nothing seemed to click. I felt so numb inside.

They didn’t make me feel anything, not an electrical charge, not a spark.

For a few years, I was mindlessly cruisin through life. Surviving each day. I tried to work on myself even though a part of me was reluctant. So, while half of me was trying. The other half was just wasting away.

Until one day, the hopeful half of myself had this crazy idea that, maybe, that’s why I can’t find anyone who suited me because he’s probably living on the other side of the world?



Crazy. Right? But I played along…

I signed up for an online dating site and I created a check list with characteristics of the person that I specifically wanted.

“What’s the harm? It’s just for fun.” I thought.

As I was scrolling through the results page, enter this blonde guy with cutest smile and huge biceps 😍😍😍

I felt like I just HAD to send him a message and I did. When he replied, right then and there, I knew he was my soulmate… THE ONE.

I was right because in a short time that I’ve known him, I felt like I’ve known him for years.



✨He gave me everything I didn’t even know I needed. I used to feel like I was a zombie, but the mere sound of his laughter brought me back from the dead. Everything I lost the first time, I got it all back. I found answers to my questions that I was too afraid to ask and even the ones I haven’t even asked. Most importantly, he helped me put my heart back together and got it to beat again.

Now, we are happily married and working towards a goal which is to help people realize their worth and potential so they can create a life they love. Wish us luck!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

So, how do you exactly know if the person in front of you is your soulmate?



🌸 There’s a feeling in your gut, an inexplicable magnetic pull that lures you towards them. Like you have to know them.
🌸 They make you feel good about yourself. Your soulmate makes you fall in love with who you are warts and all!
🌸 They love everything that you don’t like about yourself – it’s contagious!
🌸 Your soulmate accepts all of you. From your shitty past down to your weirdest quirks.
🌸 Your connection is more than just physical attraction. It’s so deep that it you’re both connected mentally, emotionally and spiritually you feel your soul orgasm without even touching. It’s a feeling so profound that you can actually feel the cells in your body align like you’ve never felt it before.


🌸 When you’re with them, you are at peace.
🌸 They believe in you which makes you believe in yourself and make you do things that you thought you never could.
🌸 Your minds are always on the same page. You have the same values and beliefs that even when you disagree with each other, you easily bounce back from the disconnection and see things eye to eye again.
🌸 You’ll start to understand and see the deeper meaning of life and what your purpose is.
🌸 You start to raise your standards on how you treat yourself and how others should treat you.
🌸 You work towards a common goal.
🌸 You recognize your potential even more and while you are pretty much capable of accomplishing things on your own, you’re stronger together working as a team than you are far apart.
🌸 Your life gains stability and direction.
🌸 Your soulmate motivates you to be the best that you can be until you realize how powerful and wonderful you are as a human being when you’re being authentically and unapologetically YOU.


Major takeaways from this experience?

🌈 Never lose hope on love and life.
🌈 When you know what you want and you ask for it specifically, it will be given to you especially when you’re ready for it.
🌈 No matter what happens, never give up on yourself and always keep working on YOU.
🌈 Accept your flaws and always be authentic – quirks and all!


If ever someone tells you that same bullshit, you can tell that motherfucker to go fuck themselves because remember somebody said it to me, too and hell, I found someone 1 million times better. Don’t lose hope! You are worthy of love and more.

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